She didn’t expect for it to be as hard as it was to comeback. What once made her unique had become the costume or niche of every other pop star she stood beside. Suddenly, once she exploded onto the scene, everyone wanted to work with her producers and find the secret to her success. Every label wanted to produce a new starlet who donned the similar “quirky fashion” and who had a “Poker Face” or “Bad Romance” of their own. She had created a culture where anything weird was suddenly a head-piece and long-format videos became the norm. What made her special was slowly being diluted and overexposed as her peers were rushed around by their handlers to wear and put out watered down versions of her work. She would come back to a pop landscape that had enough of the trend she had started and which saw every pop star ride until its eventual crash and struggle to find her footing in a space where the public had written off her creativity as a schtick because so many of her peers reduced it to such.

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"As someone who has worked very closely with Terry Richardson on many many many occasions since I was 17 years old I would like to say… from my OWN personal experience: I have never been forced or manipulated into anything. I made a music video with him and I have never felt uncomfortable with Terry & had 99 percent of the creative control. This was before I was “famous”. Allegations are one thing but completely blaming the director isn’t fair aka the Lady Gaga video. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a “role model” or not, it’s your responsibility to be AWARE of what you’re doing. When you’re making & selling pop music for 14 year olds that is just a straight up fact. I’m not against/doubting people that have said they’ve encountered things with him (it’s not my place to say so) but the media acting as if Terry Richardson manipulated Lady Gaga into making a video about getting touched by R-Kelly or whatever is a whole other thing. She is 28 year old woman & fully capable/aware of what she was doing. If she wants to do it is HER choice. Whether I agree with it or not. I’m REALLY insulted that my work is somehow getting dragged into this mess (this is the only place I can actually write about this). Terry has only been a supportive & caring friend to me for a long time. I actually find the whole thing upsetting & have for a while. To say I support sexual abuse beyond hurts me. I’ve experienced it from a very early age until I was 16 years old & have been VERY vocal about it. I am a feminist & work with foundations globally w/ children & women that are victims of sexual abuse. I fight for it every day. To discredit me because I’m friends of someone or my music videos/photos make you feel certain way is YOUR problem. Not mine. Your opinion of someone doesn’t make them who they are. The media & the fucking peanut gallery/trolls on the internet can paint any picture they want of you. They never have the full details. They can manipulate & project an image/persona that benefits them. There are lots of details that we DON’T know about it. There are many reasons & FACTS why I support Terry Richardson that media (basically) refuses to acknowledge. If it were up to the world I would be a racist/heroin addict manufactured robot. Which I’m far from either of those things. Before you judge people off of some article you read off a newspaper or some blog just remember: They are selling you something. The story is to benefit them somehow. It’s only half truth. If that.Basically if one more person has the nerve to ask/tell me that I’ve fucked Terry Richardson, I will slit their fucking throat. I had a topless album cover. So fucking what? I don’t necessarily expect people to understand why I did it or like it. The fact that I still have to explain myself or be publicly shamed every time I speak to a journalist about it EIGHT months later is disturbing. Also, if I was using my “tits” to sell anything, my body is worth more than any cash on the entire planet. Not to mention most musicians don’t MAKE ANY money off of fucking sales. There’s a lot more damage being done to the world than the female body. Get a grip."
- Sky Ferreira (talking about Terry Richardson)

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The Manifesto of a 20-Year-Old

When turning 20, I have been asked what the worst part of being an adult was. Certainly the worst part of becoming an adult was realizing that I am not an adult at all. Realizing that all those teenage problems which you hoped that would miraculously vanish after you finish high-school have now become young adult problems; and you catch yourself avoiding responsibilities which you don’t want to commit and regretting paths in which you wish you hadn’t ever followed.   Suddenly I miss the teenage times when the biggest of the problems revolved around whether that cute boy would notice me or not, when I actually cared about my grades or people’s opinions. Now my biggest problem is that I wish I could tell everybody to fuck off but I can’t because I am supposed to show an adult posture. I am supposed to know what I am doing, and I am supposed to know what I want. But I can’t achieve to know any of both. Getting on with people has become much easier than looking in the mirror. So that’s why I drink so much and watch TV all day, in a desperate attempt to make it all grown up stuff make sense. 

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