Pop Culture is My Bitch!

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As if we hadn’t had enough of Terry Richardson now we get some more but with certain evidences dificult to contest. The famous photographer sent this message to the model Emma Appleton where he offers her a chance to be issued on Vogue NY only under the condition of having sex with him. The model posted the screenshot of such a nasty message and posted on instagram with the capiton “um what??”. She deleted her account right after, probably for being bombed by insolent questions and comments. 

What makes me more amazed is that Terry simply denied the acusations and claimed that they’re all fake (just as he did before). More than a coward, he is a fucking creep. And what makes me even more angry is that he doesn’t even take the risk to no longer work for Vogue and other brands. Because apparently it does not matter if you are perverted and indecent as long as you are talented and hard worker. 

Talent does not, and never will, justify such behaviours of nasty and criminal (yes, sexual harassment is a crime) character.

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bookfreaky asked: I like your point of view and it makes a lot of sense to me, we're a living in a world where the uncommon is no more surprising to us, we are used to celebrities, popstars and stuff like that, but we can go scared for simply watching pictures of broken dolls or a murderer who could be our neighbor. I love this idea and I can actually picture a collection live yours in a art gallery. Genial.


It’s amazing how people close their eyes to real things and open them to falsehoods as the ones you mention me. We can say that these people live more peaceful and comfortable in their pre-fabricated bubbles made ​​by our society. Our point of view is not suitable for most people and I don’t want to interpose it. But for me this is real, this is a big part of our society. My senses are completely open to this, and that’s how I feel. Thanks for understand.

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