In the middle of the age where female pop stars fight each other trying to call more attention for themselves, being everytime more shocking, Lady Gaga decides to shock everyone again with her pure talent and beautiful voice. Working together with the legend of the jazz music Tony Bennett in their new single “Anything Goes”, bringing us memories from Ella Fitzgerald singing style. In my opinion, seeing Gaga to take this break from pop music, I wouldn’t really mind if in the future she decides to stop making pop altogether to keep on with jazz, instead of trying to fight for some pop-throne unlike other artists. We all have to agree that when it comes to shock, Gaga has her game so on point. 

Jazz Anything Goes Lady Gaga Gaga Cheek to Cheek

She didn’t expect for it to be as hard as it was to comeback. What once made her unique had become the costume or niche of every other pop star she stood beside. Suddenly, once she exploded onto the scene, everyone wanted to work with her producers and find the secret to her success. Every label wanted to produce a new starlet who donned the similar “quirky fashion” and who had a “Poker Face” or “Bad Romance” of their own. She had created a culture where anything weird was suddenly a head-piece and long-format videos became the norm. What made her special was slowly being diluted and overexposed as her peers were rushed around by their handlers to wear and put out watered down versions of her work. She would come back to a pop landscape that had enough of the trend she had started and which saw every pop star ride until its eventual crash and struggle to find her footing in a space where the public had written off her creativity as a schtick because so many of her peers reduced it to such.

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